Virtual Server (VPS)

Virtual Server

Our virtual server offerings are aimed at all customers. End users, startups and enterprises - we have the resources, solutions and experience to offer you the perfect product for your needs.

All virtual machines are powered by the hypervisor on custom kernels and managed by Securebit Cloud Manager control panel. To all VPS (virtual private server) you get one BGP session for IPv4 and IPv6 transit. Our commitment to development and continuous improvement of our products, as well as service quality and hardware performance make our services the solution to your problems.

Amsterdam Dusseldorf Frankfurt Fremont London Zurich
Price 0.00 CHFMonthly15.00 CHFMonthly15.00 CHFMonthly25.00 CHFMonthly10.00 CHFMonthly15.00 CHFMonthly
Setup 5.00 CHFMonthly15.00 CHFMonthly10.00 CHFMonthly10.00 CHFMonthly10.00 CHFMonthly10.00 CHFMonthly
Processors 111111
Memory 1 GB1 GB1 GB1 GB1 GB1 GB
Solid-State-Drive 5 GB5 GB5 GB5 GB5 GB5 GB
Bandwidth 1 Gbit/s1 Gbit/s1 Gbit/s1 Gbit/s1 Gbit/s1 Gbit/s
Traffic UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
IPv4 subnet /32/32/32/32/32/32
IPv6 subnet /128/128/128/128/128/128
Sold outSold out