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Managed LIR

Familiarizing yourself with and applying for a Local Internet registiry (LIR), can be quite an intimidating and time consuming task. As an LIR, you will need to familiarize yourself with, comply with, and implement the ever-changing RIPE policies and procedures.

Our service is designed to provide you and your organization with all the benefits of RIPE membership while relieving you of all the administrative and technical concerns associated with it. Our Managed LIR service is primarily aimed at organizations wishing to become an LIR. Of course, we also accept existing RIPE NCC LIRs that prefer to delegate LIR management to experts.

Managed LIR
Price 600.00 CHFMonthly
Setup 0.00 CHFOne-off
Availability 24H
IPv4/24 Waitinglist
IPv6/29 - /32
ASN16 or 32 Bit
Region RIPE

Please note that our prices do not include RIPE setup and annual membership fees. RIPE collects these directly from your organization. You can find the current RIPE fees on the RIPE website.

Our managed LIR service offers you several advantages. You can find the most important ones here:

Consultation and agreement on the best course of action
Prepare and submit the RIPE LIR application to our high standards to reduce the possibility of rejection.
Request for an IPv4 (/24), IPv6 (/29) and ASN
One-time transfer of your existing resources such as IPv4, IPv6 and ASN (if any) to your newly applied Local Internet Registry.

Waitinglist IPv4

RIPE NCC use a waiting list to allocate recovered IPv4 addresses to their members. The graph below shows the number of requests already on the waiting list and the number of days that the LIR at the front of the queue has been waiting. The graph below, which should fluctuate over time - falling when recovered addresses become available and are allocated, and rising as new IPv4 requests are added to the waiting list.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are often asked if it makes sense to become a RIPE LIR (Local Internet Registry). In early October 2019, RIPE announced that you no longer have contiguous /22 subnets and LIRs now receive their /22 assignment in the form of multiple /23 and /24 subnets. On November 25, 2019 at 3:35 PM, the RIPE NCC assigned the last /22 subnet with 1024 IPv4 addresses and now has no more IPv4 addresses. LIRs can join a waiting list (see above) to receive a /24 IPv4 allocation.

This means you become an LIR and after your application has been accepted, you can request an IPv4 assignment. Afterwards you will be put on the waiting list and you will be shown the position in the LIR portal:

As of this writing, the RIPE NCC still has approximately 360 subnets (/24) in quarantine. These will be assigned to LIRs on the waiting list over the next few months. This means that all LIRs placed on the waiting list after January 2022 will receive IPv4 subnets in the same year. Currently there are more than 800 LIRs in the queue and we expect that this will continue to increase and that hardly any addresses will be assigned to these LIRs in the next few years.

IPv4 exhaustion, or IPv4 address leakage, is a term used to describe the exhaustion of unassigned IPv4 addresses. Unallocated IPv4 address space refers to IP addresses that have not been allocated to anyone and could be requested by organizations (LIRs), such as your company.

RIPE (Local Internet Registry) membership offers you the following benefits:

  • IPv4 /24 assignment (256 IP addresses) Waiting list
  • IPv6 allocation up to /29 of the IPv6 address space.
  • Sponsorship of Autonomous System numbers and PI address spaces (to save sponsorship LIR fees).
  • Participation in RIPE NCC trainings (discounts)
  • Attendance at RIPE general meetings and authority to elect the RIPE NCC Board of Directors.
  • Tickets for the RIPE meeting event

Until 2022, the RIPE NCC charged a one-time registration fee of €2,000 (excluding VAT) and an annual membership fee of €1,400 (excluding VAT). In 2022, the one-time registration fee was reduced to 1,000€ (excluding VAT). Note that VAT will be charged at the Dutch rate of 21%, if applicable.

The annual membership fee covers a period from January to December. Therefore, in your first year of membership, you can expect the annual membership fee to be prorated based on the quarter in which your RIPE NCC LIR account was opened.

In the following years, the annual membership fee will be invoiced in February, which is valid for a full year and costs 1,400 € (excluding VAT).

Category Price IP-Addresses CIDR Price/IP-Address
Category 1 € 400 512 /23 € 0.78
Category 2 € 750 1'024 /22 € 0.73
Category 3 € 1100 2'048 /21 € 0.54
Category 4 € 1800 4'096 /20 € 0.44
Category 5 € 2500 8'192 /19 € 0.31
Category 6 € 3500 16'384 /18 € 0.21
Category 7 € 4500 32'768 /17 € 0.14
Category 8 € 6000 65'536 /16 € 0.09
Category 9 € 8000 131'072 /15 € 0.06
Category 10 € 10000 262'144 /14 € 0.04